Studied graphic design and illustration at St Martin’s School of Art, London.

Worked as a full time designer and illustrator for Jim Henson’s Muppets/Dark Crystal/Creature Shop for 6 years.

Freelance designer and model maker in London creating props, models, costumes and scenic art for film, television, the advertising industry and music business. Clients included Aardman Animation; BBC; BMP agency; Saatchi and Saatchi; Steel Monkey; Bad Dog Designs; Mary Portas at Harvey Nichols and Island Records.

Through the variety and range of model making I discovered sculpting and realised that this was where my heart lay.  A series of portrait sculpture commissions subsequently inspired me to create personal works about the traumatic deaths of my parents.

Six years ago I went to live on a boat with my husband and kids and spent several years sailing and exploring, during which time I kept a visual journal of our travels.  A keen diver, I have always been passionate about the sea and interested in animal life. I painted large scale watercolours of fish and sketched  the scenery of our travels; Drawing people we met helped to break down social and cultural barriers and earned some long cool mojitos along the way!

At present I live in rural Northern Brittany, France.  The rugged coastal heritage of this tough corner of the world has inspired me to focus deeply on nature and the Breton people’s deep seated historical connection with land and sea.  I am working on two sculptural themes, both of which take their inspiration from the Breton landscape.